Nordex Explosives Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated explosive products manufacturer serving the construction and mining industries. Over the last several years, our research & development teams have worked on refining and improving our products for large and small customers.

We are proud of our knowledgeable client services team, who have been instrumental in providing products to companies and promoting their safe use and reliability. In addition, we provide effective blasting development programs, technical support and training which have contributed to increased performance and profitability for a number of major clients.

Nordex manufactures bulk and packaged emulsions, ANFO and specialty products such as buttbuster, an innovative perimeter control explosive. We also provide a complete line of initiation systems including electric, non-electric and electronic detonators, boosters, lead wire and detonating cord.

As a complement to our manufacturing capabilities, Nordex also provides safe transport and delivery of packaged or bulk emulsion. We own a fleet of trucks, which allows us to extend our exceptional service from orders to production to delivery of product to our clients.

Core Values

respect and concern for the safety, care and well being of our employees
provide the utmost respect and highest level of service to our clients
respect and protection of our environment
provide the highest levels of personal and corporate integrity


Our normax detonator sensitive packaged emulsion is a high-strength, microsphere sensitized emulsion product suitable for many surface and underground applications.


Our normite packaged emulsion is a booster sensitive explosive widely used for quarry, mining and construction blasting applications.


Our ammonium nitrate blasting agent is a cost-effective booster sensitive explosive suitable for a variety of surface and underground applications. It offers maximum performance for minimal cost, and is quick and easy to load into boreholes.


buttbuster is the perimeter control product of choice for surface and underground blasting applications is available for the North American market through Nordex Explosives Ltd.


Nordex Explosives has combined the durability of an underground carrier and the ability to transport bulk emulsion explosives; capable of uphole and downhole loading with accurate and reliable results.